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 Nvidia DirectX 11 Convert Desings [x86x64] Update for XP / Vista / 7

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PostSubyek: Nvidia DirectX 11 Convert Desings [x86x64] Update for XP / Vista / 7   Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:16 pm

Nvidia DirectX 11 Convert Desings [x86x64] Update for XP / Vista / 7
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Nvidia DirectX 11 Convert Desings [x86x64] Update
Year: 2010
Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7 (x86/x64)
Language: Multilingual
Size: 52,87 Mb

Quote :

Nvidia DirectX 11 Convert Desing - these new libraries to increase the compatibility of new games and programs. Correcting mistakes with the launch of games requiring files with DirectX 10. 1 and 11. Allows you to run the game as the program (with a video card that does not support DX10. 1 and 11) and hardware (video card with support for DX10. 1, 11) emulation DirectX11. P. S Applications that do not go before, go to 10. 1 and 11. CFosSpeed is designed for all OS (windowsXP, Vista SP1 and windows 7)
Key coding and development of DirectX 11 9xxx Nvidia / 2xx/3xx:
Nvidia DirectX Conversion 11 (of Desings)
A set of basic information about DirectX 11 for Vista and XP Service Pack 3
Development converter for Windows Vista, XP SP-3, Windows 7 Build 7100 and 7600.
Most effectively reduce the burden of operating systems Vista/XP/Win7 Video
But the majority use the computer processor, while reducing the load GPU (only series GeForce 2xx/98xx)
Since the transformation is designed for those cards.
Allows you to see all the beauty of Crysis Warhead, and other games.

Soft physics objects.
This includes components of Windows 7, the balance of tones, colors, the effectiveness of video systems in Figure 1, the degree of texture.
Including V-Ray DX11 from Desings, shiny objects, reflections in mirrors and other ..
The rate of migration from the package of textures to the processor and DDR, and only then to the GPU. The standard scheme is as follows (GPU - CPU - DDR)
Compatible with the latest driver for Nvidia GeForce 9 (185.xx) and ATI (ATI Display Driver 8.612 and above)
Recommended processor with 2 and 4 cores for optimal and fast work ...
About ATI video card has a number of unknowns ... sorry .. very good job of integrating Intel Graphic cards

Additional features:
DirectX 11 is much more interesting innovations, which we consider in this review, but do not want to finish the article without mentioning two other features of the new API.
Conservative oDepth

Typically, developers need to disable Z-structures and algorithms, when there is a write shaders in the depth buffer via register oDepth. Conservative oDepth feature in DirectX 11 allows shaders to write to the depth buffer in the redistribution of the reserved area. This allows the hardware to avoid significant losses in productivity that can be used to accelerate beyond the specified area.
The limit for textures in 16K and binding textures

DirectX 11 raises the limit on the maximum size of the textures with 4K to 16K, as well as provides control binding MIP-LOD to limit the number of levels MipMap-loaded in the GPU.

Download Link:
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Nvidia DirectX 11 Convert Desings [x86x64] Update for XP / Vista / 7
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